About Us

Who We Are:

We are a creative lifestyle apparel brand with the mission of inspiring the artist and music culture. Passion is Purpose®.   

Our Story:

The Soulpro brand began as a multi-media company called Soulprofile Productions. As its name suggests, the company was dedicated to profiling the soul, which it did through music, short films and feature length documentaries. Its staff members became known as “Soulpros.” Immediately, the musicians and other clients began requesting that they have access to the staff tees as they loved "The Creative Mind” logo and wanted the designation of “Soulpro” as well. Seeing this instant demand in 2011, Soulprofile founder Tony Vainuku considered the possibilities of a lifestyle apparel offshoot from the production company; thus, the clothing brand Soulpro was born. Since then, the Soulpro brand has separated itself from others in the lifestyle apparel industry by identifying specifically with the music culture and those living a creative lifestyle. From this came the company's slogan, Passion is Purpose®.

Soulpro's roots in the entertainment industry continue to grow as the brand works closely with musicians across a variety of genres to put on shows and promote their art. Vainuku is also heavily involved in the film industry as a writer and director best known for his film In Football We Trust, a feature length documentary which world premiered at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival.

As our brand continues to grow, we welcome opportunities to collaborate with organizations and creatives that share Soulpro’s same mission. In addition to establishing a strong presence in the apparel industry, we strive to create a brand that encourages the creators and listeners of the music culture everywhere to express and pursue their dreams.