Josh Wawa White


Josh Wawa White

Reggae singer

Josh ”Wawa” White was born June 2nd 1988 in Salt Lake City Utah and is of Tongan decent. Josh got the name WAWA from his Uncles growing up because when he was little they would ask what his name was and that would be his response.

Childhood was rough growing up with a family really strong in the church but also a family that was really gang oriented. Even with Josh’s father being in law enforcement, and his mother being in corrections, the gang environment was so strong throughout the family, it was just too hard to resist. After a few slip ups with the law, Josh sent out to live with their father, to get away from the streets and to get more involved with school and stay out of trouble. It helped out a lot because Josh got involved in track and field and by his senior year he was ranked 9th in the nation in hurdles and was a state champion and less then a second from breaking the state record. After High school and not pursuing his track career Josh started getting into his music career he was so passionate about and hitting it pretty hard. He originally was all about lay-ing down and spitting out rhymes, until he found his true passion in music with his different style and unique voice, and went the singing route. Growing up he listened to a lot of Lucky Dube, Bob Marley, The Toots, Al Green, UB40, David Lindley, a lot of Polynesian reggae, a whole lot of country, R&B and Rap. Some of Josh’s music he listens to quite a bit now is John Mayor, Bruno Mars, Zac Brown Band.

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