Alex Aiono


Alex Aiono



Alex Aiono is a Phoenix teenager and a standout talent at school and the local church.  During the US housing collapse 16-year-old Alex and family set off to California in a quest for dreams and beaches. 

After a few weeks performing on the 3rd Street promenade in Santa Monica, this unknown independent teenager was writing in the studio with legendary Grammy winner, Babyface, multi-platinum producer/songwriter, Billy Mann, and harmonizing with Grammy winner John Legend. The son of a Polynesian dad and a Caucasian mom (both avid musicians and music lovers), Alex’s unique look made him stand out and always feel a little different.  Taking pride in his mixed heritage and the musical background of his family and church community, he was able to learn to harmonize. You can find him doing anything from hip-hop dancing to photo bombing.


He uses guitar, piano, drums, and ukulele along with his passion for traditional R&B and Top 40 music. His influences are among David Guetta’s, Mumford & Sons, a young Michael Jackson, and John Legend.


His YouTube subscribers are more than 3,000 and getting over 100,000 hits. “When I know that the technology is so accessible, it’s really important to me to put videos up that aren’t perfect, that show me singing and playing and dancing in a completely raw way. I learn so much from that, from my fans and from each performance.” 


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